Solid through solid...

A block of wood slides down a tube and STRAIGHT THROUGH a solid barrier half way down.

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This is quite a large and very visual piece of kit, and the effect is dumfounding to any audience. We’ll leave it to the original copy writer to explain…

Extracts from the Supreme instruction papers (included):

A stunning effect wherein a solid block penetrates right through an examined piece of perspex: an astounding demonstration of matter through matter!

IN PERFORMANCE, two long, decorated wooden tubes are shown empty, clear through. The solid block which can be closely examined JUST fits into either of the tubes, and it is demonstrated how the block is partially visible through the cut-out holes in the tubes. Now a piece of perspex is placed on top of one of the tubes. On top of this comes the second tube and with a crash, this penetrates right through the perspex sheet, falling out of the bottom one!

Once again, both tubes can be immediately shown empty, and the plastic sheet shown once more to be intact.


As a size guide, ONE of the square tubes measures about 235mm (9 14″) tall and 85mm (3 38″) square.