Practical Lessons in Magic by Eric Hawkesworth

Practical Lessons in Magic by Eric Hawkesworth


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Eric Hawkesworth was a prolific writer of magic and other publications for Supreme. We are very pleased to be able to offer a selection of his original works, which are fully illustrated by both Eric and Margaret Hawkesworth.

Book measures 210x135mm (8 14″ x 5 516″)

The dust cover notes read:

These practical lessons in magic have been devised to enable the amateur magician to bridge the gap between the elementary box of tricks and the more advanced apparatus of the professional. By actually constructing the apparatus, the keen conjurer will understand exactly how each effect works. Practically all materials for each trick are readily available in the home, and each lesson describes a basic principle in the modern magic art.

The would-be magician needs to learn how to combine tricks and patter to produce a complete illusion, and this book gives the basic patter for each
trick, so that the two can be practised together. The author has been giving conjuring performances for many years, and the fifteen tricks in this book have all formed part of his repertoire.

With diagrams by the author.