Puppet Shows to Make by Eric Hawkesworth

Puppet Shows to Make by Eric Hawkesworth


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Eric Hawkesworth was a prolific writer of magic and other publications for Supreme. We are very pleased to be able to offer a selection of his original works, which are fully illustrated by both Eric and Margaret Hawkesworth.

Book measures 210x135mm (8 14″ x 5 516″)

The dust cover notes read:

In this book Eric Hawkesworth deals with the whole art of entertaining with puppets. He gives detailed instructions on how to make many different kinds of puppets, and the stages for them to perform on; everything from a Punch and Judy booth to a model theatre. Construction methods are simple and clearly illustrated by the author’s diagrams, and the materials are inexpensive. Each section of the book describes a complete act using a particular form of puppet-glove, ‘living’ marionette (in which the performer’s head appears as the head of the miniature puppet), finger, shadow, rod and string. A script is included so that words and actions can be practised together.