Rag Picture Shows by Eric Hawkesworth

Rag Picture Shows by Eric Hawkesworth


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Eric Hawkesworth was a prolific writer of magic and other publications for Supreme. We are very pleased to be able to offer a selection of his original works, which are fully illustrated by both Eric and Margaret Hawkesworth.

Book measures 210x135mm (8 14″ x 5 516″)

The dust cover notes read:

This is the first book to offer a complete course of instruction in preparing and performing rag picture shows, which make highly entertaining act for the amateur and professional conjuror.

Rag pictures are composed from shapes cut out of felt, foam plastic or any other suitable material and placed on a display board covered with black velvet or any other stuff with a surface pile to which the shapes will adhere. A few basic shapes can be used in a remarkable variety of ways; for instance, the handbag which Cinderella takes to the ball later becomes the skirt of her wedding
dress, while the hands of the clock become her arms, and her glass slippers, placed vertically side by side, provide a body for Prince Charming.