Raimondi Silx

Raimondi Silx


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This blendo style effect uses a unique method created by Raimondi, and the silks are glorious.

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A wonderful in the hands silk magic presentation that can, if you wish, include a member of your audience.

Extracts from the original Supreme paperwork, as provided:

A Supreme Exclusive!

Here’s a prize winning effect from the act of RAIMONDI, International Prize-Winning Magician from Rome.

Four silks are shown, – silks are 18″ square; each silk is plain white but has two tinted corners. Silks are quite cleanly and deliberately counted from hand to hand.

Now two of the silks are lain to one side. The top and bottom corners of the silks are in full view or, if desired, these two silks may be given to your assistant or to a member of the audience to hold.

The remaining two silks are taken in your hands, tucked into the hands and vanished. Surprise! When the silks which spectator holds are suddenly whipped out and it is seen that these have formed into one giant 36″ silk, made up from two colours, it now in a Sunburnt design.

Several alternative presentations are possible and are given with this effect. The effect is easy to do and self—contained and is as deceptive close—up as it is on stage and fooling even knowledgeable magicians.