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Rainbow 20th Century Repeat


Original Factory Sealed

"20th Century Silks" with added extras!

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“Do it again!”… a common cry to many a working magician…

Well ok then.

Extracts from the original Supreme paperwork, as provided:

Two differently coloured 18″ silks are shown separate and merely placed down on a chair, next a gorgeous rainbow silk is displayed and vanished (a Tarbell Cone or our popular Bang-Gone vanisher is excellent here).

When the silks are flicked out the audience is surprised to see that these are now tied together, with the missing silk between them!

Up to now just the familiar 20th Century you may say, with the additional feature of the silks being shown separate at the commencement… yes, but read on and note the unusual sequel… for the effect is immediately repeated!

Another rainbow hued silk is shown, vanished, and there it is between the others.

The climax with the four 18″ silks all tied together in a long string is as pretty and effective as it is magical and mysterious.

PLEASE NOTE: Silk colours may vary.