Rosini Card Transposition – Morrissey


Another classic form Morrissey Magic!

With a killer method, this Cards Across variation is stunningly effective, devilishly clever, and yet mind-blowingly simple!

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If you’d like an almost hands off and self working Cards Across… this is for you. The tray has a sense of class about it with it’s gorgeous brass finish, and comes with a red drawstring bag that not only protects this lovely prop but works alongside it during performance. We are very pleased to be bringing this method of card transposition back to the magic world, even if temporarily; as with all the Supreme products, stocks are limited!

Card tray measures approximately 8″ (205mm) in diameter.

Original text from Supreme paperwork:

Manufactured by Morrissey Products of Canada and available in Gt. Britain exclusively from Supreme Magic.

Performer selects two assistants who examine a small, unprepared, draw-string bag just large enough to hold ten cards.

Performer hands one assistant a deck of cards on a small calling card tray. Assistant unmistakably counts off ten unprepared cards onto the tray and these are slid off the tray into the bag which the assistant holds. The balance of the cards are placed on the tray and presented to the second spectator who is asked to count off ten cards, the last three cards being exhibited to the audience, the names written down by a member of the audience. The second assistant covers the cards, held in his hand, with his other hand and performer transposes three cards, one at a time, to the closed bag held by the first assistant. The packet of cards held by the second assistant is counted and he has only seven cards, the three previously noted cards have been transported to the closed bag held by the first assistant. He counts the cards in the bag and sure enough the three cards are there, thirteen cards, the three noted cards have arrived. As featured for years by the great “Carl Rosini”.

Approximate measurements
Diameter : 200mm (7 78″)
Height: 30mm (1 316″)