Rudolph's Escapade
Rudolph's Escapade
Rudolph's Escapade
Rudolph's Escapade
Rudolph's Escapade

Rudolph’s Escapade


A great fun take on Farmyard Frolics...

Here comes Christmas, but where goes Rudolph!?

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Based on Farmyard Frolics (all the same moves!), this is a great bit of festive fun. When Rudolph goes missing, you’ll need help to find them!

Notes from the Supreme paperwork (included):

Based on Edwin’s Farmyard Frolics with Barry Laymond’s improvements, that creative mind of Reg Martin has now come up with another interesting version which will add a festive, topical and seasonal flavour to your shows. Barry has added the final masterpiece and these cards have been passed through our silk-screening machines 20 times and then the finished cards have been laminated to create, as Ian Adair says, the most colourful trick he has ever seen – “A winner”.

If it is not immediately apparent, one of the great things about all four of these great children’s routines (Farmyard Frolics, Who’s Who at the Zoo and Circus Circus) is that having mastered one, there is nothing new to learn as the moves are exactly the same in each version.

If, in fact, you do not have the other three versions, then obtain your copies while they are still available. Remember, having acquired all four sets you can then create your own versions by mixing the characters, as one of the features of the new and improved versions of Farmyard Frolics and Who’s Who at the Zoo and the newly released Rudolph’s Escapade and Circus Circus, is the fact that all the cards are the same size and all the back designs are identical, making it easy to mix and match the
sets and create your own specialised version.

This is a lot of effect from quite small props. If you will work this trick and ‘play it as detailed, we will guarantee your audience reaction for you as that of HILARIOUS DELIGHT.

Also included are “song sheets” on A3 and A4 paper, for that all important sing-along.

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