Sadie The Seal
Sadie The Seal
Sadie The Seal

Sadie The Seal


A novel take on the 'Card in Balloon' plot!

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We’ll leave this one to the original wordsmiths…

Description from the Supreme catalogue No.39:

The perfect model of a seal is shown, with its nose in the air. An unprepared balloon is inflated and balanced on its nose! A selected card is returned to the pack, which is then shuffled and the cards are dealt one at a time on to the balloon. Suddenly, when the selected card is reached, the balloon bursts, and Sadie the Seal is seen balancing the card on the very tip of her nose! Many other presentations are possible. The chosen card can be vanished, the balloon burst, and there is the card! Great for the Children’s Entertainer, using Snap cards, or cut-out discs representing balls. An excellent routine for the children’s entertainer is given.

Notes from the Supreme paperwork (included):


A balloon is inflated and ‘balanced’ on the nose of Sadie, your performing seal. A card is chosen, this being placed into an envelope, cone, card box, etc. from which it vanishes. Suddenly, the balloon on the end of the seal’s nose bursts, and there balanced on the tip of her nose is the actual chosen card! The trick is capable of much variation. Although it is appealing as a card effect, even to the most sophisticated adults, with very slight alteration, it can be made a humorous and exciting trick for

presentation to even the youngest audience.