Santa Snip

Santa Snip


From wrapping paper to a Christmas tree... to Father Christmas!

It's another Christmas miracle!

Enough paper provided for your first 12 shows.

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A paper cutting transformation effect just in time for Christmas!

Notes from the original Supreme  paperwork (included):

Just imagine showing the children a sheet of Christmas wrapping paper, on both sides. One side printed in Christmassy red, green, black and white, the other side, a bottle green.

The sheet of paper is folded in half and the performer commences to snip away with a pair of scissors. He talks about all the lovely things to look forward to in connection with Christmas, and as he does so, he merrily snips away, discarding pieces of paper here and there.

When the sheet of paper is opened out – there is the shape of a lovely CHRISTMAS TREE, sitting inside its tub.

The performer talks about the Christmas tree and how much it means to have one over the festive time. But he now starts snipping the folded tree and goes on to say “But, of course, boys and girls, though we all love seeing a Christmas tree at Christmas, someone who we all wait to see is – SANTA CLAUS!”

When the paper sheet is opened again, there, standing upright, for all to see, is Santa Claus. Red hat with white pom-poms, happy-looking face – white beard, red gown, green trousers, bold black boots. A certainty for applause.

It’s two paper tears in one! First the tree, then Santa himself.

12 sheets provided (x1 per show).