Sensation Coins

Sensation Coins


Vanish coins (or buttons, or discs, or memory cards, or... you get the idea)

And make them appear!

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This small tabletop piece of magic apparatus is deviously simple in its workings, and looks amazing in action.

Vanish and (or) make appear coins, buttons, or anything of similar dimension.

Extracts from the Supreme catalogue and instruction papers:

Originated by Harold G. Beaumont, exclusive marketing rights on this gem of magic were purchased by The Supreme Magic Company in 1965.

A feature of the stunning routine which is to be detailed later is the sensational visual vanish of four coins from the neat rack on which they are placed for display.

We think that you will be thrilled, as we are, by this wonderful idea, apparatus and effect, for the vanish is almost automatic and as near to “real magic” as you would wish to see.

The coin stand supplied can be used in other ways, also as a flash APPEARANCE of four coins.

Please note: The coins are genuine and unfeked. The bar on which they rest is not as thick as the diameter of the coins. The coins do not drop down into the base of the stand. After the vanish they can be made to visibly reappear if you wish. COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC AND SELF-WORKING.