Silk Factory


The Supreme Silk Factory...

Speaks for itself, and looks wonderful!

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YES! A real gem from the Supreme warehouse. Theses original Silk Factory props look fabulous, and are ready for your next kids’ party, or your collector’s cabinet perhaps.

PLEASE NOTE: Silks are not included with this item.

From the Supreme Catalogue:

An attractively decorated wooden tube, about 9 12″ high x 5 14″ square is shown through. A child can pass their arm through it. It’s unmistakeably empty. Without cover, or loading of an kind, a quantity of coloured silks are magically materialised from the tube.

Where have they been coming from? Why  from the Silk Factory inside it! The tube is lifted to disclose a cute little model house which completely fills the tube. The house is so big that you cannot get it back inside the tube!

Not only for your kids’ shows but great in any programme. Wonderful when used with a puppet sequence.