Snake Charmer & The Snake puppets
Snake Charmer & The Snake puppets

Snake Charmer & The Snake – Puppets


For the Punch & Judy performer or collector.

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Snake Charmer character puppet with charming snake for booth performances (Punch & Judy) and collectors.

PLEASE NOTE: The design, style, and/or language/nomenclature used for this product was appropriate for the time it was made, and may prove sensitive to modern audiences who may find it culturally inappropriate.

Original description from Supreme Catalogue No.39:

A Punch & Judy novelty, hand-carved, hand-dressed. Authentic-looking Indian gentleman, large snake rises up from the playboard! Set of two puppets. Loads of opportunity for fun!

We have more snakes than charmers so they’re being offered on their own in a separate product listing.

Puppet makers creating products for Supreme at the time of manufacture were the highly renowned Tony Green, Joe Parsonage, and Bryan Clarke.