Sophisticated Silk Chest
Sophisticated Silk Chest

Sophisticated Silk Chest


If you work with silks, ribbons, or anything similar, this is a great and classic prop that you'll love to use. Or you may prefer to just keep it on display in your collection.

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The magical appearance and disappearance of anything is a delight to any audience, and this prop makes such feats easy and all the more pleasurable to perform.

Over to the original copy writers…

Extracts from the original Supreme paperwork, as provided with this prop:

Beautifully-made in wood, smooth-working and finished to the degree of perfection which you would expect from ‘Supreme’.

The outside of the cabinet is lacquered red with a gold relief square design, gold feet and gold strip at the top. The inside doors are red and the interior of the cabinet is a glossy black. THE APPARATUS IS MADE RIGHT TO WORK RIGHT. It’s as smooth as the silks themselves!

Supreme “Sophisticated Silk Chest” is a great aid for vanishing, changing or producing silks, ribbons, etc.

The cabinet is 8 inches x 3 inches, and about 4 12 inches high, with drop doors at the front and back, and holes at the side for silks to be pushed in or pulled out.

Silks placed in the cabinet via the holes either remain and can be removed from the front, or they vanish or change, or silks can be produced. The smart design allows the box to be used in any adult show and we know will find favour with many magicians.

PLEASE NOTE: Silks are NOT included with this product.