Floating ball effect that fits in your pocket.


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Everyone loves a levitation! This wonderful effect is like a pocket version of a Zombie Ball, but NOT a Zombie Ball at all!

18″ silk, brightly coloured plastic ball, and all instructions included.

*** Ball colour may vary ***

Originated by Ian Adair, and (in its day) a Supreme exclusive effect.

From the Supreme instruction sheet:

Seeing is disbelieving when you witness this amazing mystery:

Magician appears to perform a difficult juggling feat, balancing the ball on the silk, then he causes the ball to run along the silk, back and forwards as he tilts the silk first this way and then that:

Eerily, the ball climbs down over the front edge of the silk, going back now and over to the rear.

Magician now holds the silk by two corners, again the ball begins to act in a peculiar manner, floating and moving around underneath it. The ball rises up, appearing over the edge of the silk, then it runs along the edge, as the Magician lowers his hands the silk flaps down and it is seen that the ball is suspended apparently in space!

After a number of mystifying gyrations one end of the silk is dropped, Magician slowly turns around so that he is completely facing the audience; between his hands spookily suspended is the ball; he whistles to it and it glides through the air into the hand which holds the silk!

A pretty, mystifying and easy to do routine has come to an end.