String of Sausages
String of Sausages
String of Sausages

String of Sausages (pull apart)


For Punch & Judy performers and/or collectors and anyone else who likes a sausage.

These sausages are vegan friendly.

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This string of sausages “puppet accessory” is primarily for booth performances (Punch & Judy) and collectors, but we see no reason why they couldn’t be used in all sorts of other scenarios. Dove pan productions perhaps… Produce them from inside your jacket… Lots of ideas… go for it!

The set is made up of five sausages and they are held in a “string” by hook & loop (Velcro). Three of the sausages are hook and loop on both ends, with the two “end sausages” having one clean end. This means you can show the full set as a string and/or reduce down to four, three, two…