Sympathetic Silks
Sympathetic Silks
Sympathetic Silks

Sympathetic Silks


Original Factory Sealed

Another absolute classic of magic, with top quality silks and full instruction.

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Let’s just leave it to the original paperwork…

Extracts from the original Supreme paperwork, as provided:

One of the prettiest and most magical effects ever devised, here is a trick that has withstood the acid test of time and is still as fresh as tomorrow.

Performer picks up or comes on with a bunch of silk handkerchiefs. They are counted separately and passed one at a time into his right hand. It is seen that he holds six silks, two orange, two green and two blue. Any colour silks can of course be used but the silks should be in sets of two.

Performer now separates the silks so that he holds three different silks in each hand. One set is placed aside, on the table or on a chair. The second set is knotted together in a string. The orange silk is tied to a corner of the blue one, and then the green is tied to the other corner of the orange one. The tied silks are bunched up and laid aside, right away from the first set.

When the first set of silks is lifted up it is seen that they have tied themselves together “in sympathy”. They are tied together in a string: blue, orange and green, with the orange in the centre.

The handkerchiefs are bunched up and replaced on the chair whilst magical passes are made towards set of silks number two, or the silks are “fanned” with a small fan. The silks are then picked up and shown quite separate and free from each. When the first set of silks is again lifted up it is found that they also have now “untied themselves” proving the bond of sympathy which exists between the silks. Presented nicely the effect represents several minutes of colourful entertainment and mystery.

The silks provided are approximately 580mm (23″) square making them roughly 810mm (32″) diagonal.