Tarbell Cone


Produce and/or switch silks, cards, money, and more!

Simple but HIGHLY effective.

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Based on Dr. Harlan Tarbell’s original paper cone, this Supreme version may appear a simple piece or equipment, but…

Extracts from the original Supreme paperwork, as provided:

The cone can be used to change silks, ribbons, in fact any small, reasonably flat
articles. After the change, the cone can be opened right up, displayed and discarded.

Here are a few ideas using the cone:
1. A length of ribbon is cut up and placed into the cone to be produced ‘restored’.

2. A length of ribbon and some Lexicon cards. The cards ‘arrange’ themselves along the ribbon to form a word or greetings.

3. A number of different coloured pieces of ribbon are shown and tied to form separate loops. Placed into the cone they become joined’ into one long chain. An exceptionally pretty effect.

4. Sucker Vanish. A silk is placed into the cone… but the audience are quick to see that the magician sneaks the silk out again and puts it into his pocket. However, the performer shows his pocket ’empty’. The silk is back in the cone! This business is repeated several times. Finally, the silk is placed back into the cone, and this time it really does vanish, to appear again in the pocket … but a different one this time!

5. Spring flower production.

6. With an evaporated milk jug. A white silk is placed into the cone and then a quantity of coloured liquid is poured (?) in. The silk is removed coloured whilst the cone is opened up completely

7. With a borrowed watch. The watch is sealed up in a small pay envelope and placed into the cone. The magician states that the watch will disappear; however, when the cone is opened the watch falls with a thud to the floor!

The cone measures approximately 375mm (14 34″) tall/long.