Cast Iron Blindfold
Cast Iron Blindfold

The Cast Iron Blindfold


Steel blindfold in matt black with elastic strap. They won't see it coming, but you will...

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Steel blindfold with elastic strap; perfect for mentalism and daredevil acts!

From the Supreme paperwork (included):

Here’s an effect that appears to be the absolute ultimatum in blindfold methods. Here you use a blindfold made in solid metal. No pin holes! No fekes! The blindfold is shown to consist of an iron plate.

This can be closely examined, yet when the iron mask is placed over the performer’s eyes, he can see — yes, despite the solidity of the blindfold, he is able to carry out any of the stunning effects described in our special manuscript, which is given with this blindfold.

If desired, a handkerchief, or better still, a piece of black material can first be tied around the eyes before the iron mask is placed into position. Despite all this, performer can still see!

The method is both simple and subtle, and a few trials will show you that not only is this one of the most effective blindfolds in the world, it is also the easiest to work, as in fact there are literally no fekes or moves of any kind.