The Smoker’s Dream – Morrissey


Another Morrissey classic!

A great collector's piece, but perhaps let's bring this prop back into action... How will YOU adapt it?

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Ok so we know that smoking is pretty much passé now, but we have some of these brilliant Smoker’s Dream pots in the warehouse and it would be such a shame to put them in the skip… so, here they are! We’re pretty sure you can come up with alternative ruses for them, or perhaps you’re still using cigarettes in your act in which case this is an absolute MUST HAVE!

This magical little pot measures approximately 4.75″ (120mm) tall and 4″ (100mm) across the rim.

Original text from Supreme paperwork:


The magician lights a cigarette. The Smokers’ Dream Container is then picked up from the table. The lit cigarette is then dropped into the container. Immediately the magician produces another lit cigarette from the air, and then another and another. Cigarettes just keep coming and they are all lit cigarettes!! For a finale the container is turned over and all the cigarettes are dumped into a receptacle .

Approximate measurements
Diameter : 124mm (4 78″)
Height: 100mm (3 1516″)