The Treasures of Leong Foo – Morrissey


Another classic from Morrissey Magic!

This one based on an original production method by Okito.

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We all love a good story, right? Well this a great one, and the magic is pretty good too! Of course you can re-work this excellent effect to your own patter (and we always recommend you do so; make magic your own) but either way this principle and the execution of it is a classic, and it’s waiting for you to give your twist. Perfect for parlour, stage, and now more than ever… online shows.

The basic gist here is the miraculous production of rice, water, silks, perhaps all of those or whatever you choose from a set of apparently empty metal tubes. The handling is straightforward, and with practice will become a slick presentation to which you can add your own twists or reproduce the documented routine

Tubes when nested measure approximately 5.25″ (135mm) tall and 3.5″ (90mm) across the rim.

Silks shown in images are not included.

Original text from Supreme paperwork:

A Supreme British Exclusive:

By Morrissey Magic

Based on an Original Production Method by OKITO

Once upon a time, there lived a very wise man in the Village of Leong Foo. He was a hero and very much loved by the people and here is the reason why.

One day there came word that a large army of bandits was approaching the village and the people were much afraid that the bandits would steal all of the Treasures of Leong Foo as well as all the seeds for next year’s crop!

The people came to the wise man to see if he could save their treasures from the bandits. He had the village craftsmen make up three metal tubes
just like these…

Approximate measurements
Diameter : 90mm (3 916″)
Height: 136mm (5 38″)