Troublewit (white)
Troublewit (white)

Troublewit (white)


The Troublewit this is knowing when to stop; it's so versatile!

Available in multi-colour or plain white (listed separately).

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With its origins way back in the 17th century, the Troublewit is a remarkable piece of magical history and a fascinatingly versatile “prop”.

Extracts from original Supreme publicity:

This is magic in its most baffling yet simplest form. From a single pleated sheet of paper the magician rapidly produces a wide variety articles from hats to pots and pans, chairs to ducks, pancakes to tumblers. The choice is yours. It’s certainly a most entertaining item and to the audience it appears to be skilful in the extreme, but in fact it is very easy to perform with the correct folded paper.

These Troublewits – hand crafted for Supreme by Jim Reilly from the very finest of papers –  measure approximately 305mm (12″) in length when “folded”.