Uncle Charlie’s Night Cap (egg bag) – WHITE coloured eggs


Red and white stripy woolly hat borrowed from Uncle Charlie's wardrobe...

A knitted woollen cap, red and white with a pom-pom on the top that's like an "egg bag".

WHITE eggs provided.

In stock


These have been quietly sleeping in the warehouse for far too long. It’s waking up time!

PLEASE NOTE: This bag comes with white eggs. There is also a cream/off-white egg version also available; listed separately.

Three plastic eggs provided.

Original text from the Supreme instruction sheet:

Eric and Margaret Hawkesworth are responsible for the design and routines for this neat version of the old classic. An Egg Bag but made in the form of a night cap; an old-fashioned knitted night cap! This can also be referred to as a “football supporter’s hat” or “Mr Punch’s hat”, or a “Gnome’s” hat.

In the children’s show you can use the hat for dressing a child up… then you go into an Egg Bag routine.

Of course, It is not necessary to use an egg, – you can use a pocket watch or a small block of gold, or for a good adult presentation use a sealed-in whisky glass, obtainable from a novelty store.