Morrissey Vanishing Bowl of Water
Morrissey Vanishing Bowl of Water

The Vanishing Bowl of Water – Morrissey


Vanish an entire bowl of water.

Recommended for stage work!

A rare opportunity to own one of these last Morrissey water bowls...

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Well now THIS is treat! We have a VERY small number of these bowls available, so unless we find more in the warehouse, this is IT for these lovely bowls…

These pristine bowls made by the Morrissey Magic company of Canada come with requisite metal tray and a foulard.
Water not included…

Original text from Supreme paperwork:

Performer displays a large metal bowl and a regular pitcher of water. Water is poured into the bowl which is resting on a large metal tray. Bowl and tray are
covered by a foulard. The bowl is removed from tray under cover of the foulard, the shape of the bowl can be seen clearly under the foulard. Magician carries it carefully towards the foot-lights. Without any false moves magician tosses the foulard into the air the bowl of water has vanished!

Approximate Measurements
Water Bowl  diameter: 203mm (8″)
Tray diameter: 330mm (13″)