Wicked Witch Puppet
Wicked Witch Puppet

Wicked Witch – Puppet


For the Punch & Judy performer or collector.

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The Wicked Witch character puppet for booth performances (Punch & Judy).

This lovely lady has a wonderfully hooked nose that almost meets her equally magnificent chin. Dressed in black with a lined cape and leatherette hat, who can possibly resist…

Original description from Supreme Catalogue No.39:

Now you can have your own Puppet Pantomime! Figure is in fluorescent green with hooked nose and chin. Tall witch’s hat.

Please note: Any active fluorescence that may have been originally present may now have faded owing to the passage of time; please do not expect this figure to glow in the dark!

Puppet makers creating products for Supreme at the time of manufacture were the highly renowned Tony Green, Joe Parsonage, and Bryan Clarke.