Wizzy Dizzy Milk


This is great fun and utterly bonkers magic trick.

You need this in your collection!

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We’re just going straight into the original description here; it says it all…

Extracts from the original Supreme paperwork, as provided with this prop:

The effect is that the Magi introduces a box which has a lid at the top and one at the bottom, also a jug of milk.

He opens the door at the top of the box and pours some of the milk inside (he really does, there is no fake jug used!). He then appears to change his mind, muttering something about the wrong door. He closes the door at the top, TURNS BOX RIGHT OVER and opens the door at the bottom pouring more milk there!

This business is repeated a few times, every time the box being closed, TURNED OVER and more milk poured in.

Eventually the magician says, “Well, it’s a jolly good job I had a tumbler there!” and reaches inside the box and removes the tumbler filled with milk!

The box is placed to one side and the tumbler of milk is covered with a tube. Suddenly both tumbler and tube are inverted… the tube is empty, THE TUMBLER FILLED WITH HAS COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED!

The box is picked up, and again the performer seems uncertain which lid he should open for the box is turned over FOUR OR FIVE TIMES.

When the lid of the box is opened, the tumbler of milk, THE VERY SAME MILK, is removed and the milk poured back into the jug!

PLEASE NOTE: Jug NOT included with this product.

The box measures approximately 215mm (8 12″) square on the sides and 115mm (4 12″) wide.